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Attached Lid Container

Attached Lid Boxes and Containers can be found in use in so many different places and settings.  These plastic containers have lids that flip outwards and fold over the sides.  When the lids are closed you can stack these large containers on top of each other and when they’re empty you can nest them inside each other so that they don’t take up space.


These Containers with Attached Lids are used daily in pharmacies, warehouses, grocery stores, mom and pop shops and any other place where goods need to be securely stored and easily transported.

• Attached Lid Containers are extremely heavy duty.  They are strong, reliable and reusable.  Attached lid boxes are perfect for storage, distribution and order picking.
• Attached lids are permanently attached with steel hinges that interlock securely for stacking strength.
• These storage containers can be stacked when the lid is closed or they can nest when empty and open.
• Molded from high density, FDA approved polyethylene.
• Lids close securely to protect parts from dust or damage.


  • MDC2012-7 Attached Lid Container – 20x12x7
  • MDC2115-9 Attached Lid Container – 21x15x9
  • MDC2115-12 Attached Lid Container – 21x15x12
  • MDC2115-17 Attached Lid Container – 21x15x17
  • MDC2213-12 Attached Lid Container – 22x13x12
  • MDC2420-12 Attached Lid Container – 24x20x12
  • MDC2717-12 Attached Lid Container – 27x17x12
  • MDC2515-14 Attached Lid Container – 25x15x14
  • MDC2820-15 Attached Lid Container – 28x20x15


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